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Duitsland is voor Nederland de belangrijkste handelspartner, zowel wat betreft export als import. De vraag naar innovatieve producten en diensten in Duitsland biedt Nederlandse ondernemers volop kansen.

Duitsland is de grootste consumentenmarkt van Europa met 82 miljoen inwoners. De binnenlandse bestedingen vertonen al enkele jaren een stijgende trend. De Duitse bevolking wordt steeds ouder en rijker. Er zijn drie leeftijdsgroepen die de consumentenmarkt domineren. Jongeren rond de 28 jaar geven veel uit aan technologie en sociale activiteiten. Mensen tussen 38 en 54 jaar besteden vooral geld aan de familie en alles wat daarbij hoort. De ouderen vanaf 69 jaar geven geld uit aan medicijnen, gezondheidszorg en recreatie.

De industrie is van oudsher belangrijk voor Duitsland. Industriële zwaartepunten zijn Noordrijn-Westfalen, Baden Württemberg en Beieren. De grootste sectoren zijn de automobielindustrie, de machinebouw en de elektrotechnische industrie.


Als u concrete plannen heeft om internationaal zaken te doen en opzoek bent naar een zakenpartner in Duitsland. Dan hebben wij voor u een overzicht opgesteld van een aantal Duitse ondernemingen die op zoek zijn naar samenwerkingspartners in Nederland.

1. Online load control for pipe jacking – TODE20160211001
A German SME offers an online load control quality assurance system that helps to avoid damage to jacking pipes. Using special measuring devices the angular deflection between selected pipes is measured and the permissible jacking force is calculated, allowing to take countermeasures. The system prevents overloading of jacking pipes and recognizes problems on site at an early stage. Data and analysis are accessible online. Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
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2. Innovative membrane module for membrane bioreactors – TODE20160114002
A German company developed a new competitive membrane module for membrane bioreactors (MBR). Advantages include lower energy requirements, long lifetime and low manufacturing costs. Licensees from the wastewater sector interested in serial production and commercialization are sought as well as partners for technical cooperation to realize demonstration projects.
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3. Immersive 3D audio technology for interactive applications and virtual reality – TODE20151029002
A small German company offers advanced 3D audio technology for interactive applications that can auralize a variety of acoustic surroundings and that offers a new listening experience. Applications are in virtual reality, 360° films, games and also linear productions. The application programming interface (API) is suitable for all platforms. Licensees are sought or partners for technical or commercial agreements with technical assistance.
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4. Ceramic and multi-material 3D-printing technology – TODE20151014002
A German SME offers powder-bed-based 3D printing for the production of ceramic components. A dense micro structure and functional structures within the printed ceramic component.can be created. Properties are improved. This is among others interesting for prototype manufacturing. Applications are e.g. in medical, mechanical and electrical industry.The SME is looking for partners to introduce the system via commercial agreements with technical assistance or for research or technical agreements.
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5. Dual- and triple-target drugs for the treatment of central nervous system diseases – TODE20160120002
A German university has developed a new potent dual- and triple-target drug for the treatment of diseases in the central nervous system (CNS). This invention has improved compliance including less side effects and reduced toxity. The German university offers a license agreement in the pharmaceutical sector as well as a research cooperation in order to advance this treatment.
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6. New electro luminescent coating system for flexible substrates – TODE20150821001
A German SME offers a patented electro luminescent system that can be coated to flexible substrates (film, textile, paper). For this unique and environmentally friendly technology there are numerous potential applications in industry, ranging from textile to security and in decoration. They seek partners from industry and research to implement this technology in their respective applications. Licensing, technical cooperation or research cooperation agreements will be considered.
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7. Scientific and laboratory sample analysis – chromatography – TODE20150922005
A German SME is focused on activities in the field of chromatography. Key areas are custom-made chromatographic solutions and development of functional chromatography accessories for various sectors. The company is improving, extending or processing existing scientific devices/technologies to a higher level of application. The company is looking for companies or research institutes that need to further develop specialized analytical devices through technical or commercial co-operation.
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8. Innovative Container Storage System – BODE20151126001
A Bavarian SME working in the field of packaging and transport systems has developed a novel container storage system that standardizes and simplifies partitioning of the loading space in containers. Moreover, the patented system can be used for fast and safe blocking and bracing of cargo. The system consists of merely two components, supports and crossbars. They are looking for partnerships for market development, sales and manufacturing cooperation in Europe, US and China.
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9. Radio frequency identification (RFID) based read and/or write hardware for integration into terminals and systems – TODE20150521004
A German SME can provide RFID-based read and / or write hardware for integration into terminals and systems according to customers’ requirements. The innovation lies in replacing contact-based card technologies like magstripe or contact chip with a more robust and reliable contactless technology. The company is looking for terminal or system manufacturers, seeking RFID-based hardware for identification, payment handling or data storage. License or commercial agreements are sought.
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10. Diamond thin-film coatings for extreme applications – TODE20150811001
A German research institute with a vast know-how on solutions in surface engineering and thin films has developed a diamond thin-film coating to protect parts of various sizes and geometries in extreme environments that are characterized by abrasive wear, chemical wear and/or have additional need for low-friction and/or dry-running capability. Industrial partners for license or technical cooperation agreements and research partners for joint research and further development are sought.
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11. Standardized skin disinfection set – TODE20150826001
Skin disinfection procedures in hospitals are still lacking a standardized handling. A medical department at a German university developed an easy-to-handle and standardized skin disinfection set, using a two chamber system. A pre-defined volume of disinfection fluid is introduced in the second chamber with foam swabs upon pressure. By releasing the pressure uniformly soaked foam swabs are created, this avoids dripping of disinfectant. A license agreement is offered to interested companies.
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12. Innovative vehicle tracking device – TODE20140304001
A start-up located in the South of Germany (Bavaria) has developed an innovative vehicle tracking device embedding satellite positioning, proximity technology NFC (near field communication) and energy harvesting, enabling innovate services and applications for electro-mobility. The company is looking for mobility operators as well as solution integrators entering into a license agreement, technical co-operation or commercial agreement with technical assistance.
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13. An innovative medical device company is sought for licensing agreements for production of tremor management device – TODE20150731001
A German university hospital and a Spanish research center have developed a new approach for tremor management. The approach is based on a neuroprosthetic device for monitoring and suppression of pathological tremor in a patient via the stimulation of peripheral afferent pathways. The resulting afferent inflow projects into the central nervous system (spinal cord and brain). An innovative medical device company is sought for licensing agreements.
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14. Software Tool for Demand Planning and Inventory Optimisation – TODE20150818001
A Bavarian SME headquartered in the South of Germany offers a newly developed software tool for demand planning and inventory optimization. The software is easy to implement and can be added to any existing ERP system. They are looking for companies in the IT or consulting field with close relationship to fashion industry, entering into a license agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance..
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Naast onze profielen databank organiseren wij ook diverse evenementen om ondernemers persoonlijk met elkaar in contact te brengen. Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van de aankomende (Matchmaking) evenementen met Duitsland.

Grenzeloos 2016
Op 18 maart 2016 treffen bedrijven, kennisinstellingen en overheden uit Noord-Nederland en Noord-Duitsland elkaar in de Oosterpoort in Groningen. Grenzeloos biedt een programma vol inspiratie, matchmaking en netwerken om ondernemen over de grens toegankelijker te maken. De dag wordt afgesloten met een galaconcert.
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Future Match 2016 at CeBIT
Op CeBIT in Hannover, een toonaangevende beurs op het gebied van ICT, organiseert Enterprise Europe Network de 18e editie van het internationale matchmaking evenement Future Match. Bedrijven en onderzoeksinstituten uit diverse sectoren kunnen hier potentiële partners vinden voor onderzoeksprojecten, technologische overdracht en commerciële samenwerking. Naast ICT bedrijven zijn ook juist potentiële afnemers, gebruikers of samenwerkingspartners uit andere sectoren, zoals bijvoorbeeld de gezondheidszorg, automobielindustrie, energie en techniek, van harte uitgenodigd met als doel een cross-sectorale samenwerking tot stand te brengen.
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Technology Cooperation Days at the Hannover Fair
Ontmoet potetiële zakenpartners tijdens de matchmaking Technology Cooperation Days 2016 op de Hannover Messe, de grootste industriebeurs ter wereld met meer dan 220.000 bezoekers uit meer dan 90 landen. De beurs heeft een ongekende internationale uitstraling naar de internationale media, vakpers en politici. Voor 2016 is het partnerland de Verenigde Staten van Amerika, waarbij president Obama op maandag samen met Bondskanselier Merkel de beurs zal openen. De U.S.A. is daarom prominent aanwezig op de beursvloer.
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Export ondersteuning

Nederlandse bedrijven verdienen hun geld voor een groot deel over de grens. Enterprise Europe Network Nederland en RVO zetten zich daarom gezamenlijk actief in voor de belangen van Nederlandse bedrijven in Duitsland.

Nederland heeft een uitgebreid netwerk in Duitsland. Het Economisch Netwerk Duitsland bestaat uit de ambassade in Berlijn, de consulaten-generaal in Düsseldorf en München en de Netherlands Business Support Offices (NBSO’s) in Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg en Stuttgart.

Het Economisch Netwerk

Via het netwerk van ambassades, consulaten en de verschillende NBSO’s, biedt het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken haar diensten aan voor Nederlandse bedrijven in het buitenland.

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Bent u opzoek naar zakenpartners in Duitsland en heeft u nog vragen? Neem dan contact op met Enterprise Europe Network Nederland of met het Economisch Netwerk Duitsland. Of bekijk de RVO website zakenpartnerscan.

E-mail: info@enterpriseeuropenetwork.nl

Bron: RVO.nl